DeFi Twenty

DeFi Twenty 3Y return (2020-01-01 = 100 USD)

2020-01-01 to 2023-01-01


DeFi Twenty 3Y return

About this DAISY

The DAISY DeFi Twenty invests in the top 20 digital assets in the decentralized finance (DeFi) category. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a collection of open protocols that provide financial services through smart contracts and digital ledger technology. This gives rise to an ecosystem of on-chain financial services, completely defined in code. Most DeFi protocols have their own native token, like Uniswap’s UNI and Curve’s CRV. The use case of these tokens depends on the specific application. They can for example provide higher yields to holders or grant voting rights in the governance of the protocol.

As DeFi becomes more popular, these tokens become increasingly valuable. The DAISY DeFi Twenty invests in the top tokens related to DeFi applications, ranked by market capitalization. The maximum weight per asset is 20%, allowing for true diversification among different assets, with a higher weight on the most successful projects in the DeFi category.

Key facts of the DAISYs
Launch date2022-02-01
Minimum investment€ 100.000
Annual management fee1.20%
Performance fee*4.00%
Entry feeNone
Exit fee0.30%
Trading frequencyMonthly

*will be reduced to 1% over 4 years

How do these DAISYs work exactly?

Agga’s team of analysts has made a selection of the key digital assets available and assigned labels to each of them, based on data from independent sources. This yields the ‘Agga Digital Asset Universe’, which makes it easy for us to generate custom portfolios specific to the core sectors within digital assets, such as DeFi or exchange tokens.

Some assets are excluded for practical or regulatory reasons (for example stablecoins and pure privacy coins). Based upon the remaining list and according to the specific fund methodology the fund composition is determined. Next step is that the fiat money (EUR) of the investor is converted into the selected digital assets via approved trading platforms. The acquired digital assets are as soon as practically possible stored in a cold wallet to minimize the risk of hacking. Every quarter a rebalance takes place on a predetermined date. The related transactions are based upon the same logic as described above, resulting in a better reflection of the market at that time. During this rebalancing typically only a small part of the holdings have to be traded – several percentage points – thus minimizing transaction costs for the investor.

How your assets are secured

All the digital assets which we invest in are safely stored with our partners at copper.co.

Assets are moved to exchanges only when needed for trading, otherwise held in cold wallets using multi-party computation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum initial investment?

The minimal investment is EUR 100,000 per DAISY. 

Where are all the assets stored?

All the digital assets which we invest in are safely stored with our partners at copper.co.

Copper facilitates trading without moving assets to exchanges, eliminating the risk of hacked, frozen or misappropriated assets.

Are the DAISYs officially registered at the AFM?

Yes, each of the DAISYs and the fund manager are officially registered at the AFM (AIFMD-light regime).

How liquid is a DAISY?

The DAISY is tradable every month. Registrations must be received by the fund manager one week before the end of each calendar month. This gives us enough time to complete the KYC onboarding process.

How do I get updates on my investment?

We will share the Net Asset Values (NAVs) weekly on our social platforms and our fund administrator will periodically share reports.

AFM exemption